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She admits she naively accompanied him to his hotel room, not anticipating what was to come. Workman’s book is called Rock’n Romance and is out November 12th.

Statements posted here are those of our readers and do not represent the Baseball Think Factory. If it is any consolation, when Jered Weaver broke Belinksy's franchise record of wins to start a career, he did not even know who Bo was.

Paul) and Los Angeles, for the 1961 season, while the NL was going to wait till 1962.

At the Major League Owners Meeting, held in Louisville in early December 1960, Gene Autry was probably as surprised as anyone in attendance to find that he had bought a baseball team (for 0,000).

Wrigley Field did serve other sporting purposes, such as prize fights and soccer matches.

Also, the ballpark served as a convenient location for movies and TV shows involving baseball (Hollywood’s Gilmore Field, another PCL park, had been demolished in 1958) and was also the locale for Home Run Derby, a syndicated TV series spotlighting the game’s best sluggers.

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"I was invited out there on a Sunday," recalls Lloyd, now 99, a seven-decade veteran of the industry who's appeared in films including Alfred Hitchcock's (1989).Interesting to note that the team roster that year included three future Hall of Fame inductees: Sparky Anderson, Monte Irvin and Tommy Lasorda.For whatever reason, O’Malley left the structure standing after 1957.He just got out of the Navy.' " Lloyd remembers playing one set against the future president, although he doesn't recall who prevailed on the court.

"It’s very possible we had a close match," he tells .

Branch Rickey’s proposed Continental League had prompted Major League Baseball to act quickly to avoid outside competition as well as any Congressional tampering with baseball’s exemption from antitrust laws.