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The Buntin-Duhamel combination had some success, finishing third at nationals in 2010, but missing a Vancouver Olympics berth by one placing. As the team has improved, so too has Duhamel, individually."When I started skating pairs, I became a better competitor, more consistent," she said.

"I've landed more triple lutzes with Eric than I landed in my whole career in singles."And the team has continued its tradition of breaking new ground on the ice.

In April, they competed at the 2016 World Championships in Boston, placing second in the short and first in the free.

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But as fate would have it, pairs skating veteran Craig Buntin was dealing with the retirement of partner Valerie Marcoux as Duhamel was considering her future.

With her previous pairs experience, she got the call that summer. If she and Arnold made history by landing the first side-by-side triple lutz in pairs competition, Duhamel has continued to break new ground with Radford."As far as the jumps go, nobody has really followed in our path yet," said Duhamel.

“Perhaps it was the wrong decision, but we can't go back in time and change that."Modesty aside, their performance was far from a colossal failure. Perhaps because of that silver medal, the diminutive 28-year-old exhibits a clear peace of mind."I've achieved every goal that I have ever had in skating," explained Duhamel.

"It would be nice to become a world champion, but I don't need it … Now, we skate for ourselves."We want to be more relaxed, more carefree, and I think it has the potential to bring out our best skating."With choreography nearly complete on new short and long programs — and a secret new technical element thrown in — the pair are on the hunt for a fourth consecutive Canadian crown.

Battling injuries and sickness, Duhamel skated in only one competition in 2007 — that at the Canadian championships — and finished sixth.