Dating a man in the army

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The right fielder didn't even try to catch it as he watched it travel over the right field fence. He looked at Todd and winked as he took a long windup and fired the ball. " "Yes sir, I think that is his last name." "He normally has great control," Doctor Allan Brand said. As he moved towards Danny's left arm he saw the boy pull away. " "Yes sir, I fell on it." Allan lightly touched it and saw Danny grimace when he touched the elbow. Allan heard the underlying feelings and decided to drop it.

Danny saw it coming at his head and managed to duck just enough for the ball to crash against the helmet. Danny tried to get up but the coach made him stay down. "Shit man I was only trying to brush him back," Jimmy whispered to Todd as he headed to the athletic building behind the field. "Sit down," Matt said trying to control his temper. " Corey asked seeing the expression on Jimmy's face. "Didn't you tell him that you were just trying to brush him back? Today was the first day of tryouts." "He was hit by a pitch but his helmet saved him," Janet said to the doctor who had hired her a few weeks before. " The doctor asked as he waved a tiny flash light up and down in front of his face. "We better get an X-Ray." As he filled out the report Janet asked him. " She remembered him saying he had a teenage daughter. He wasn't a fan of Todd but since his daughter dated him he just let it go and was hoping they would break up. It looks like a small crack so I hope it won't take long to heal.

The lefty used a big wind-up and threw his best fast ball on the outside part of the plate.

He expected to hear it hit the catcher's mitt but he heard Danny's bat instead.

"Let's see how you do on the right side," the coach said moving again behind the backstop.

He quickly moved back into position and on the next pitch hit the ball just as hard to the exact same spot. "Jimmy get in there and pitch." Danny backed away not sure what was going on.