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11-Aug-2017 15:37

It’s not just the easy availability of porn that makes adult Tumblr so popular, it’s the sheer breadth of content. “And your Tumblr page is your own porn collection that you can watch over and over again.You want three women having sex with one Hispanic man? Like magazines in a box, but online.” Leyana is right – collecting porn isn’t a new, who dated the American tech entrepreneur for nearly two years, is said to have called time on their romance earlier this year.Notoriously protective over her private life, Emma has never spoken about her relationship with Mack but has often been seen out in public with him.This combination of literary and visual porn is better geared towards a female audience.

'Boys' shirts have more room and are generally longer so it is easy to slip them off over your head, but if you take a girls' shirt off like a boys' shirt you will get your arms caught because there isn’t much armpit space.

Which means that a staggering one in 10 of its blogs contained images of people doing the nasty. When I quizzed a group of my fellow twenty something women about why Tumblr porn was having a moment – ease of use was the common theme in their responses.

“[It’s] quick, concise, all under one roof, and it’s strangely hypnotic to watch oral sex on loop in a Gif,” one friend told me. “It’s also easy to use one handed,” was a point that came up continuously. Tumblr employs a tagging system, in which each picture can be hashtagged with words, making it easy to discover images relevant to your specific interest, however specific that interest might be… Porn hasn't historically been much of a friend to women, but Tumblr is an inherently female friendly platform.

The sight of a twenty-something woman staring at her phone couldn’t be less shocking.

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But it might interest you to know that whilst the woman sitting across from you at lunch might be checking her bank balance or Instagramming her breakfast , it’s equally possible that she might be perusing her very own perfectly collated collection of porn.Tumblr, a blogging site, is best known for the amusing screen shots of conversations that end up on other websites such as Buzzfeed and Twitter.

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Og så håber jeg, skolelederne og Københavns Kommune vil dele DREAMTEAM-oplevelsen med os lærere;-)Jeg synes stykket beskriver godt hvilke tanker og udfordringer man har her i livet. Jeg synes det var godt, men synes at der manglede en karakter som havde nogle rigtige gode forældre, men barnet var indelukket. Jeg synes jeg kan bruge mange af de argumenter jeg fik i dag, men der kunne måske være nogle flere konkrete løsninger. Godt at inddrage publikum, men lidt for meget nogle gange.… continue reading »

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