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L'intero disco può essere visto come un graduale movimento dalla turbolenza e dalla furia con cui si era concluso il precedente Les Ténèbres du Dehors al silenzio.

Inoltre il disco è strutturato in modo da riprendere la struttura dell'intera trilogia, diviso com'è in tre momenti, composti ognuno da una leçon(lettura), seguita da una répon (risposta) da un nocturne (notturno).

Well well well, I just got the SAME text from fallinstar223...

1st- "fallinstar223 / Hey I got your number from a friend of mine, but I bet you can't guess who I am!

“Hey sleepy head, get up and come get in the water with me,” Sarah said with a smile on her face.

Then she started running her fingers through the goo dripping from her nipples making them stand up hard.

I due cori commentano l'azione in modo non dissimile dai cori delle tragedie greche.

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I hope our carriers nip this in the bud before it gets out of control.

About 72% of visits to the site are bounces (one pageview only.

The time spent in a typical visit to the site is roughly 75 seconds, with 39 seconds spent on each pageview.

I have not went to this site because I don't know who it is.

I checked the site and it was a free dateing website it look sleezy and cheap like a scam.I'm not interested in a stalker or any other kind of weirdo right now.