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The first day in Shenzen was a day dedicated to meeting Huawei with an interesting presentation from Huawei and their technology team, which proceeded with an interesting chat with the Huawei innovation team where we discussed the Speechmatics real-time ASR capabilities.

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This bracingly eclectic recital opens with Fazıl Say’s Four Cities, a musical celebration of four Turkish locations the composer describes as “full of personal memories”.We’re excited for London Technology Week 2017 next week with more DIT run events strengthening collaborations with the UK and the rest of the world.Whether you think the end game of the current “mixed economy” of district and charter schools should be an all-charter system (as in New Orleans) or a dual model (as in Washington D.Launched with 10 teams in 1996, two years after the U. hosted the World Cup, MLS expanded to 12 but cut back to 10 after the 2001 season.

There has been steady growth since expansion started in 2004.We teamed up with Public Impact to address these very questions, in the context of five cities that have among the best conditions for district-charter collaboration: Boston, Cleveland, Denver, the District of Columbia and Houston.* As we examined these evolving relationships, we found markedly different forms of engagement reminiscent of how international relations often play out. C.’s “superpower summit” through Boston’s “protectionism under pressure,” the shifting district-charter interplay highlighted in this report may begin to point the way to a new world order in public education.

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