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24-Nov-2017 17:20

There have been five attempts to pass marriage equality in Northern Ireland through the Assembly.

An attempt in November 2015 was supported by a majority of representatives – 53 in favour and 51 against – but vetoed by the DUP using a “petition of concern” mechanism.

Moynagh believes that in asking for recognition of an existing marriage, they had pitched a decent case.

He interprets the judgment as the judge saying same-sex marriage is social policy, and that it’s up to government, not the courts, to make that. ” After the judgment, that frustration was compounded. We don’t have a devolved government that’s working – even though they’re still drawing their salaries – but we haven’t fallen back into a situation where we have direct rule.

“My question would be to those people – lawmakers, policy-makers, politicians alike – what impact would something that would be so positive in our personal life, what negative impact would that have in their personal life? There would be none.” “It seems that Northern Ireland is devoid and incapable of having the positive discussion that the Republic of Ireland had,” Moynagh says.

“I appreciate it wasn’t all plain sailing and there were some horrible times, but there was a positive element of that campaign.

It’s of little comfort to same-sex couples and campaigners that the issue is being kicked back to the Assembly, which is not currently functioning.

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In a post-election survey this year, 63 per cent of Protestant voters under 40 declared themselves in favour of same-sex marriage, and 72 per cent of Protestant non-voters under 40 were in favour.In the judgment on Petition X, Mr Justice O’Hara referenced the frustration felt across Northern Ireland by the LGBT community and civil rights campaigners, “To the frustration of supporters of same-sex marriage, the Assembly has not yet passed into law any measure to recognise and introduce same-sex marriage,” the judge said in the judgment.