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However, a subset of the group split off to pursue a nobler goal of upholding people's rights and obtaining justice for those wronged, in their eyes. It was the trolling and mass information rollout on Scientology.That anonymous collective, however, moved from 4chan to a site called, as they started to call chanologists "moralfags"./a/, /b/, /pol/, /h/, /e/, /jp/, /y/, /u/, /cm/, /mlp/, /tv/, and /c/are where pedophilia and loli are commonplace.But again, such content is acceptable on almost all of 4chan.The creator, Cristopher Poole (or “moot”), was fifteen when he first booted 4chan in 2003, and intended it to be based around discussions of manga and anime.The first boards were “/a/- Anime General” and “/b/- Anime Random” (we now know /b/ today as merely “/b/- Random”).With the feature of being able to post anonymously, along with the lack of rules and guidelines in place, the first years of 4chan were filled with chaos.

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This allows appalling conversations to take place completely unique to 4chan.

Boards were created to contain these unpleasant subjects in 2004, “/l/- Lolicon” and “/g/- Guro”, but were taken down.

It was also this year when 4chan went down for a few months.

One recent attempt to protect minors was /soc/ and /b/ removing any teen, "jailbait", or questionable age threads.

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However, discussion of pedophilia and illustrations has not left the website.That is to say a violent streak runs through every theme the 4chan community discusses.