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French director Christophe Honoré wears the mantle of the New Wave lightly as he playfully unfolds his version of a woman on the edge, mixing dispassionate documentary-style observation with direct addresses to the camera and sudden leaps across time and place. San Francisco Film Society members receive discounted admission only to SFFS Screen programs and only at the box office, not online or at the lobby kiosks.A galaxy of supporting characters turn in stellar performances as they revolve around and react to Lena's unpredictability. With Chiara Mastroianni, Marie-Christine Barrault, Jean-Marc Barr, Louis Garrel. Also coming to SFFS Screen July 30: Pedro González-Rubio's lovingly made story of the growing bond between a father and son, who are spending a summer together on Mexico's Caribbean coast, demonstrates exquisite poetry and sophisticated craft.Les tensions entre les différents binômes composant la famille sont importantes avec cependant pour source commune la recherche difficile du bonheur individuel au sein du fragile équilibre des couples.

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But the male characters - Lena’s ex-husband, her brother, brother-in-law and her new love interest - are mere outlines, roughly blocked out and endowed with little emotional depth.Honore picks up the action later in a wintry Paris to follow up on the emotional fallout of the Breton weekend.