Too sedating

05-Sep-2017 01:48

So, the vet was reprimanded and fined ,000, and the technician received an active 60-day suspension.

For some people, such as Mariotte, the punishments were too light.

One of the dogs, Snowball, was supposed to go in for a check-up but ended up having seven teeth pulled and was given medication based on the weight of another dog. Likewise, they reprimanded a vet who killed an 11-month-old cat named Stampy by injecting it with a euthanasia drug instead of a rabies vaccine – a technician had prepared a euthanasia shot for another cat in the room.As with doctors for humans, though, things can go wrong at the vet's office.When that happens, the North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board comes in."​I just want what's right by him, even though I don't have him anymore.

I just want what's right by my dog." Veterinary Specialty Hospital declined to comment on Vaughan's case but said it takes complaints filed with the state board seriously.She didn't want the Banfield vet to lose her license, but she thinks a reprimand for mixing up four dogs wasn't enough. "But I couldn't do anything about it." Banfield says the case led to major changes company-wide to increase pet safety.